Damon Thomas is a sixth-generation Floridian who grew up on the banks of the Suwannee in rural Dixie County, FL. A kid there once burned down the Scout Hut. An old log cabin in the Cross City park. When asked why he just said that he was bored. All from the area could relate. Small town boredom. Rural gloom. Damon has released 18 Spoken Word albums & 5 books on life in that Southern Gothic setting.



Damon’s quotes

"My great-grandmother died almost 20 years before I was born. Hit by a train near Branford, FL. A very Southern Gothic way to go. I grew up with her stories. Pinches of snuff filled her mouth. Pinches left bruises on your arm. She was a witch. The black snakes crawled as she whistled. There were nail covered photos on the side of her barn. Songs to the cypress trees. Her daughter shared these things. All told with Affection. Enthusiasm. Awe. There is a life after life for those who are a good story."— Damon Thomas

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